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Well, they’re not secrets any more… !

Dieting for fat loss can be one of the hardest things you ever do. But it can also be the most rewarding. You’ll learn how strong you are, what you’re capable of, and how you can cope with tough emotions.

Anyone who’s been through a fat-loss transformation knows what the journey is like….

Here are a few things nobody ever tells you about body transformations. I think they should be out there for discussion!

1. You Need To Put The Effort In

Losing body fat isn’t easy, and (sorry ladies) it’s difficult for women. The body doesn’t want to be lean. In fact, the body doesn’t actually want to change at all. It likes homeostasis and will do everything it can to stay the same. So if you want to melt fat off your body but keep hold of muscle, you need to outwork your body! You need to be “all in”.

2. Consistency Is More Important Than Any Diet Plan

You could have the most PERFECT diet in the world (whatever that would be!) But you know what? It won’t work unless you do it. And unless you do it, and track it, and report it to your coach (or yourself).

And you need to do that every day.

Consistency is what will get you to your goals. Not crazy fads, expensive supplements. And not a few days dieting, then a slip up, then a few days of over-compensation. If you want to hit your goals, you need to be calm, consistent, and just strap yourself in for the ride.

3. Patient People Are Better Dieters

One day on your fat loss diet won’t give you visible results. You might feel a bit better, but you won’t see much of a change in the mirror. Sorry to say it, but nor will two days. Or even a week. Be patient, and just remember that consistency. Calm and steady progress WILL bring changes. They might be slower than you want. So stay patient and don’t let it screw with your mind.

4. What You Eat Is More Important Than Your Exercise

As a Personal Trainer, I hate to say this one! But it’s true. Getting in shape depends much more on what you’re eating than how you’re exercising. Everyone needs to be active, but you don't have to do a certain type of workout. But you can’t cheat the nutrition. And if you want to get very lean (to see your abs), nutrition becomes even more key.

5. It’s Not About The Carbs (But It Is About When You Eat Them)

There’s nothing wrong with carbohydrates. They give us energy. If you want to feel strong when you exercise, you need carbs. And if you want the energy to cope with your job, kids, and schedule, you need carbs. BUT if you want to lose body fat and get in shape, you do need to pay attention to them. But most people look in the wrong place. Rather than thinking about cutting carbs, they should ask “when should I eat my carbs?” Eat most of your carbs when you need the energy. This could be before and after your workouts. Or during the most active part of your day.

6. Progress Won’t Be Linear

When you set out to transform your body, you have a clear goal in mind. But if you think progress will be a straight line, you’re setting yourself up for a tough time. Your weight, your body fat levels, your strength, your mood and your energy levels will go up and down. What’s important is the general trend over time. Track more than just body weight, and look at the bigger picture. Is your average weight loss down on last month? Then everything is going in the right direction. Progress isn’t perfect, so don’t expect it to be a straight line.

7. Change Doesn’t Always Feel Great

Changing how your body looks can be an uncomfortable journey in more than one way. Expect to feel discomfort as you diet and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. But remember that the feelings won’t last. Just because today feels tough, doesn’t mean tomorrow will too. But your transformation could bring uncomfortable feelings from outside your body, too. Other people’s feedback, opinions, and comments might surprise you.  Remember why you want to do this. Surround yourself with other people who understand your goal.

8. It’s Not Just For 20-Something Fitness Models

Yes, fat loss can be difficult for women. I never make any secret of that. But it’s not impossible. And age is no barrier, either. Don’t be fooled by the fact that most Insta-famous fitness models are young. Radical body transformation is possible for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. You won’t be the first person your age to do it. And you won’t be the last. It’s achievable, and I believe you can do it.

9. Some Things Need To Go

It’s possible to get in great shape using an IIFYM flexible dieting approach. But when you get to the sharp end of a body transformation diet, you will need to “eat clean”. It’s not that there’s anything bad about sugar, alcohol, or treat foods. But they are high in calories and don’t fill you up much. You won’t be able to have much of it, anyway, without going over your calories. So is it worth it? The truth is, in the final stages of a body transformation, you won’t be eating sugary foods.

If you want to get in incredible shape, I can help. And if you simply want to shape up, drop some fat, and get into a smaller clothes size, I can help with that too!

For more information on how I can help, or for more information on personal training in Chelmsford, click here.

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