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Updated: Jun 15, 2020


Losing weight is all about numbers, right?

Calories in and calories burned. Your dress size. Maybe your body fat if you can find someone who’s handy with the callipers.

But the number which rules over all….? THE NUMBER ON YOUR BATHROOM SCALES!

I get it. It’s gratifying to step on the scales and see a lighter weight. It’s fun to track your progress as your weight goes down.

But if you’re a dieter who ONLY tracks bodyweight (or if the weight on the scale affects your mood)… you need to read this.

Why Bathroom Scales Should Only Be ONE Method Of Measurement

You want to see progress when you’re on a diet. After all, you’re working hard, you have a goal, this means a lot to you!

But what do you really WANT to see happening? Your weight going down? 

Or your body losing fat, shaping up, looking better? The scale only tells you one thing: how much your entire body weighs at that moment.

It doesn’t tell you: - how much weight you’ve lost from fat - how much weight you’ve lost from water or from muscle (eek!) - how much food you’ve got in your digestive system - whether you need to “go” (ahem) - whether your body is carrying any extra fluid (inflammation, stress, your menstrual cycle)

So now you can see why I encourage my fat-loss ladies to look at other things AS WELL AS the scale.

Yes, we need to track scale weight. But looking at other things too helps you see WHERE the loss is coming from. And it will keep your head straight on those days when the scales are playing up!

Do This As Well As Tracking Weight

- Take an average By all means weigh yourself. But do NOT get caught up in daily fluctuations. Instead, take an average. Then you can see, week-on-week, whether the trend is going down. If you gain a lot of (water) weight around your period, maybe track your average for the same day of your cycle. 

- Progress pics Take full-body photos, ideally in undies or sports bra and shorts. Front on, and a back shot. Do it in the same spot, against an uncluttered background. Try to do it at the same time of day every time, so the light will be similar. Once a month or once a fortnight will be enough. If you’re handy with photo apps, put your progress pics side by side. Prepare to be amazed! - Measure your waist This is so quick and easy to do. Simply take your waist measurement (once a week is fine). This is a great indicator of fat loss, and of general health.

Our waist circumference is an important health indicator. And most of all, start to let go of the power your scale weight holds over you. It does NOT tell you the whole story!

If you want to get in incredible shape, I can help. And if you simply want to shape up, drop some fat, and get into a smaller clothes size, I can help with that too!

For more information on how I can help, or for more information on personal training in Chelmsford, click here.

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