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Take back control of your health with personal training, so you can live and enjoy a more energised & healthier life.


With the Nutrition for life programme, you will receive a simple step by step process which gives you a clear roadmap for success in an easy to implement way. There will be no more wondering if this, that or the other is going to work.


All the videos are 15min or less, so the "I don't have time for this” excuse is no longer valid. The programme fits in and around your daily life.


The Nutrition for Life programme has been put together by a world-class team. 


Shane is a graduate of the International Olympic Committee, a Scholarship Doctoral Researcher and a Published Scientific author.


Dr Gary Mendoza is a world-renowned expert in the area of behaviour change,


Liam Agnew has a Master's degree in nutrition and is a graduate of the prestigious International Society of Sports Nutrition. 


You will have a world-class team in your back pocket.


The modules are designed to not only get results over 2/3 weeks and 2/3 months, but they're also designed to set you up for life. Something which is completely missing from 99% of strategies out there. 


While on the Nutrition for life programme, you will NOT receive a meal plan. Instead, you will be taught step by step how to create your meal plans with the focus of setting you up for life.


You will learn about a myriad of diet types from the Mediterranean diet, to low carb, low fat, intermittent fasting, tracking and logging, portion control and more... From there you will be able to make your OWN INFORMED decisions on which strategy will work best for you, rather than a cookie-cutter plan.


There is a whole section in the modules which not only teaches you to map out your nutrition in advance so a plan is in place but how to do this and have nutrition taking up the LEAST amount of time possible for the BIGGEST results possible. 


Every single line of every slide in each video is based on SCIENCE, and not based on someone else’s opinion, or the latest diet craze. Knowing this will give you a consistent concrete platform from which to craft your results, and not be pulled from pillar to post with the latest new fat blitzing shake from climasian monks in the foothills of the Himalayas, who have kept this one ingredient secret from the West until now!


By implementing the modules, not only will you get aesthetic results, but you will also gain a better relationship with nutrition.  You will have more energy, be able to recover from exercise better, increase your sleep quality, and inspire the next generation with incredible levels of nutrition, ensuring everybody you love will benefit from this too. 

PERSONAL TRAINING (Includes the Nutrition For Life Programme)



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